A new nature documentary called Bear71 is letting viewers get up close, personal and interactive with a grizzly bear.

The emotive film, which was recently shown at this year's Sundance Film Festival, was created by Jeremy Mendes and Leanne Allison. It follows the journey of 'Bear71' over the period of eight years within her unnatural habitat of Banff National Park in Canada. Starting in 2001, the three-year old bear was filmed using hundreds of motion triggered cameras that were set up in the park. In addition to capturing the activities of the electronically tagged bear, humans and other wild animals were also filmed.

The film aims to explore how the initial concept of bringing animals closer to humans through conservations has turned into a lonely exclusion from both humans and their territories. The film also documents how animals learn to adapt and reject their natural instincts as they grow within the confinements of man-made environments.

Bear71 also highlights the rise of documentaries becoming less linear due to vast amounts of information. In this instance, the film's content also needed to be filtered for a smartphone app to support the film which can be accessed here.

For the full documentary, click here.