The DRM Chair

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The DRM Chair
The issue of the digital rights management (DRM) of products is a murky at best. Services that limit themselves to a finite amount of uses, for example songs that can only be listened to a certain number of times or downloaded programs that expire after so many uses, are frequently unpopular and have earned themselves a lot of detractors.

The DRM Chair serves as a commentary on the intentional sabotage of practicality for the sake of copy protection. After eight people have sat on it, the chair self-destructs highlighting the absurdity in limiting the function of a product. Designed by as an entry to The Deconstruction competition by Les Sugas, a team of ECAL students, the chair acts as an example of digital conventions applied to the physical world.
The DRM ChairThe DRM ChairThe DRM Chair

Joe Iley

over 2 years ago

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